It is normal for babies to cry

All babies cry.  If they don’t there is something wrong with them.  But it can be very upsetting for parents who can’t quite work out why they are crying.  I had a friend who used to keep a pillow next to her so when she was at her wits’ end with her daughter’s colic she could bash the pillow instead of the baby.  If you are a new parent reading this you will be horrified that anyone could feel that way.  If your baby is about 6 weeks old and colicky you may well feel a certain amount of empathy with that friend of mine.  I see babies (and their exhausted parents) in the Emergency Department every week whose presenting complaint is “crying all the time”.  I don’t think I can do better in this post than the information written on a superb self help American site; take a look at and take comfort that you are not alone.  My own first child had colic, the second was so good I thought I had obviously learnt how to do it better and the third proved me wrong as we returned to long evenings of jiggling, feeding, winding, jiggling, feeding, winding, driving round the block, jiggling, winding, feeding…..

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