My child won’t eat!

Some children seem to survive on thin air!  So many parents are concerned about this that the paediatric branch of the British Dietetic Association have produced a very helpful leaflet with this cry as its title.  The leaflet is not available on line but your health visitor may have copies to give out.  Failing that, the paediatric dieticians at Poole Hospital have put together a simplified version which is available here.

Not many children have a purely medical or physical reason for not eating; the majority fall into the “fussy” or “picky” eater group.  Those whose height and weight are increasing normally do not need much in the way of investigation, those whose growth is faltering a little usually do get investigations but the results are often normal.  Dieticians and speech and language therapists may run Feeding Clinics in your area where the child is assessed and the family given some tips for non-confrontational meal times.  You may find a chat with these health professionals, your GP or paediatrician reassuring.

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