How do I wean my baby with a dairy intolerance?

Many infants will be growing out of their cows milk protein allergy (CMPA) towards the end of their first year.  Weaning starts at 4-6 months and there are some very well written guides to first tastes and weaning stages at but nothing I could find from dieticians on weaning your dairy intolerant baby!

Take a look at this excellent guide to dairy free weaning from the makers of one of the extensively hydrolysed formulas used for babies with cows’ milk protein allergy:

“Neocate Spoon” came on the market in 2011.  It is a first weaning food for very cows’ milk protein intolerant infants who may have been on an amino acid formula for the first few months of life.  Sachets of it are available on prescription (or over the counter although the manufacturers would prefer that it is used under the auspices of a paediatrician or paediatric dietician).  You mix a sachet with 60mls of water and give it to your baby as it is or mixed with other weaning foods such as pureed vegetables.  The dose is 1-2 sachets per day depending on stage of weaning.  More product information at

Dairy free infants do run the risk of dropping their calcium levels and should ideally be under a paediatric dietician if they are going to be dairy free for longer than a few weeks.  Soya infant formula milk and yoghurts can be used from 6 months but some children with CMPA (probably less than we used to think) are also allergic to soya so keep an eye out for any return of the symptoms.

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