We are vegetarian. How do I ensure my baby’s diet is adequate?

More and more people are moving away from the heavy meat diets we were used to as children ourselves but lots of us worry about ensuring adequate nutrients when we do that – for ourselves as well as for our babies and children.  Millions of people in the world have been vegetarian for generations so all we really need is a bit of education and information. 

I can not do better than the paediatric dieticians in Leicester, UK who have produced some truly excellent diet sheets for parents on lots of different aspects of feeding your children.  Take a look at http://www.lnds.nhs.uk/Library/FeedingtheVegetarianBabyA4Aug10.pdf.

The full list of their downloadable sheets is at http://www.lnds.nhs.uk/_HealthProfessionals-LifestyleDietaryManagementResources-NutritionforInfantsandChildren.aspx

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